Entry categories

On the Entry Form, please be sure to specify the category for your submission.  Just the LETTER-NUMBER is needed:

MUSIC: specify M1 or M2
M1 is for Music Composition (this is songwriting, not performance). M2 is for Music or Sound Production, encompassing Technical accomplishment.  Note that MUSIC VIDEOS can be entered as V4.

VIDEO: specify V1, V2, V3, or V4
V1 is for Original narrative, a video that tells a story with fictional characters or events. V2 is for Documentary or Persuasive material, which can be anything from a Michael Moore project to a succinct PSA.  V3 is for Journalism or news.  V4 is for Music Videos.

WEB DESIGN: specify W1
W1 is for any website.  Underlying technology should be described with entry form, which judges may or may not consider.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: specify G1, G2, or G3
G1 is for Digital Artwork. G2 is for Promotional work, including advertising or poster design. G3 is for Product packaging.

ANIMATION: specify A1 or A2
A1 is for 2D animation.  A2 is for 3D animation.

PHOTOGRAPHY: specify P1, P2, or P3
P1 is for Nature photography. P2 is for Figurative photography. P3 is for Short Series photos, a series of up to 6.  On the Entry form you can specify any effects used, if you wish.  This is optional information which judges may or may not consider.